Wednesday, February 22, 2012

on lose weight


ohh sorry for nothing-at-all update. hehe. act, i've been so busy with course registration and so on.
ohh this semester will be a very tough semester i guess. because all the subjects which i need to registered. err... i dont know. i just afraid of being someone who will keep lose direction when i didnt understand a thing!

but it sokay. i promise to myself, again? hahaa.. ahh, nvm.
i promise to study hard and not go for berpoya-poya like before. hopefully la kan. heehhe

ahh, lupekan kejap.
the first weightloss thingy for my 2012 goal weight.

this i quoted from miss margeret mark tumblr,

Here’s the thing with weightloss, you can’t do it for anyone else but yourself. Don’t lose weight to get a boyfriend, don’t lose weight to look like your favorite actress, don’t lose weight to fit in with your friends. I did this for me, for my brain, for my happiness, and for my health. If anyone is treating me differently now than they would have treated me before, then fuck ‘em. If they didn’t like me at my biggest they certainly don’t deserve me in this form. 

so yahh. i will do this for me.
not for anyone else.

Thanks for reading this entry. Do read others okay =) love you.

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