Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i'm sick and tired of YOU!

what are friends for?
do we just be friends for today and yesterday?
or tomorrow you'll find another friend so you just can leave me behind?
yesterday and all the past days we share everything. we talked about everything.
just like we are FRIEND.
but today,
everything changed.
you find another one.
its your choice not mine.
but do you ever realized that you are way too much hurting my feeling?
and its hurt you know.
but then.
you are no longer my friend and you,
i do care-less
stop shitting around like you are the best friend ever existed in this world.
what on earth do you think you are worth for?
worth for this?
what the Itik okay.

p/s: dont mess with me. nak blah sila blah. terima kasih.

Thanks for reading this entry. Do read others okay =) love you.

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