Monday, April 11, 2011

health tips on food and drink


hye everyone again! and again and again! hahha, ok today Zea will gonna share some of the healthy tips for food and drink. ahh, surely not my own tips but recently i have read some books about healthy thingy and so then i would like to share it with my friends. okay buddy?
hee.. apolah nak dibueknyo potang-potang ni. baek dok baca den punye belog ni hah... 

apa yang kita perlu tahu pasal makan dan minum? *pelik x? ok..ok.. food and drink.
1) what's cooking?
forget additive-loaded, processed foods and meals. make your own meals from scratch so you know exactly what's in them. you don't have to be a gourmet chef to succeed. start with some key, basic dishes and the world of ingredients will be your oyster. haha. bak kata mak Zea, " kalau x reti masak, kaw campak-campak je ape yg kaw nak, mesti hasil tu tetap yang terbaik bg kaw. " hee

2) safety first
prevent food poisoning in your kitchen by keeping raw and cooked meats separate. store raw meat below below cooked meat in the refrigerator and use separate chopping boards and knives for each *hmm.. macam menyusahkan la pulak kn? hee. always wash your hands after handling raw meat. store leftovers in the fridge and discard them after two days.

3) freeze frame
freezing food is an economical and time-saving way of keeping it safe. kalau da beli kat tesco tu, cepat2 la letak dalam freezer. kalau makanan yg da masak pulak, tggu la lepas da sejuk baru masuk freezer tp ingat! kenelah wrap lauk tu before masukkan to prevent freezer burn and cross-contamination.

4) bread of life
vary your bread choice. trylah rye, bagels,tortillas or potato bread for a change from the sliced loaf. bread is a low-fat staple food for many people and a good source of carbs. ade banyak jenis roti an tp selalunya yg wholemeal atau wholegrain flours yang terbaek dari those yang made with white flour. tapi yang white lagi sedap. hhehehe =)

5) going crackers
crackers are good alternative to bread especially yang wheat-free crackers. oatcakes are high in fibre and delicious served with hummus or cheese or sebagai cicah sup. nyum..nyum.. kalau rice cakes pulak dia gluten-free so sedap serve dengan cottage cheese and chopped tomato for a healthy snack. macam ni baru sihat. ni tak tengok tv je makan cikedis.hahaha

ok done untuk entry ni. sikit-sikit je. xleh banyak-banyak.
hehee. jangan segan baca ehh.

sekian. trimas.

p/s: erm.. tapi kalau orang yg nak diet, jangan la makan crackers banyak2 taw =)

Thanks for reading this entry. Do read others okay =) love you.

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CikAnishLelabu said...

wah, da macam pakar pemakanan dah. hehe btw, anish da follow zea balik. thanx ae. :)


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