Sunday, April 10, 2011

my very first easy health tips


happy Sunday everyone! how are you guys today? good? i hope so because im way not so happy today as i got nothing to do. hahahah. so bosan-bosan boleh buat ape? mestilah update entry! yay! at last ade gak ilham nak buat entry pasal health tips.
ok lets start with...err..ape?
kita start dengan nutrition and health tips ok =)

Apa yang kita perlu tahu dalam pengambilan makanan kita?

1) be unrefined.
choose unrefined, complex carbohydrates (carbs) over refined carbs. so dari amik cakes, biscuits and white bread, go for wholegrain bread, breakfast cereals, potatoes, rice and pasta. these complex carbs contain all or most of their original nutrients and should form the bulk of your diet.

2) sweeten up.
kalau korang nak tahu, ade 2 jenis sugars dalam diet kita. first, intrinsic sugars are found naturally in foods such as fruit and vegetables. second, extrinsic sugars are found in foods to which sugar is added during processing macam dalam cakes and biscuits. so try to reduce your intake of extrinsic sugars as much as possible. ok?

3) the F word
there are 2 types of fibre : soluble dengan insoluble. both are good for you. nak jumpe kat mana fiber ni? haa, sources of each fibre include in vegetables and pulses. wheat, corn and rice are good source of insoluble fibre which is important untuk elakkan sembelit dengan haemorrhoids. soluble fiber pulak ada jat citrus fruits, apples, oats, barley and yang ni penting untuk tolong rendahkan cholesterol =)

4)stay regular
kadang-kadang kita mungkin tak dapat fibre yang secukopnya dalam diet kita - most of us dont =) . an intake of 20-24g each day is optimum. so have it with a glass of water which is bulks up the fibre so that it passes through your body more easily.

5) FAT's not all BAD
despite the bad rap it gets, you do need some fat in your diet like me =) hahahha. fat provides energy, protects your organs and helps with the absorption of the fat-soluble witamins A,D,E,K. but do not take it too much!

6) calorie count
the excess calories that you eat are stored as fat, so to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, your calories consumed should equal calories burned. calorie requirements differ across age groups and genders, but on average women require 1900-2000 calories and men 2500 calories each day.

7) beware of trans-fat
ape kejadahnya trans-fat ni? hee. trans-fat ni ialah hydrogenated fats act like saturated (yang jahat) fats in the body, so avoid them! some study dhown that trans-fat can raise levels of LDL cholesterol and reduce levels of HDL. haaa. ni kene jaga-jaga. trans-fat ni banyak dalam fast foods mcm McD. margerines and baked goods.

8)no bones about it
heh? ape ni? act ni nak cakap pasal calcium. calcium is the mineral that is needed in the greatest quantities. it keeps your bones and teeth strong, and ensures proper functioning of muscles and nerves. mana nak cari calcium? carilah dalam dairy products, leafy green vegetables, bean and pulses and even fortified foods such as breakfast cereals. don't forget that vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium. maksudnye kena la ada vit D jugak =)

ok. itu saja untuk entry ni. nanti Zea tambah lagi untuk nurients yang laen okeh.
sekian. trimas

p/s: ponek den dudok atas kerusi ni hah. da kembang da.

Thanks for reading this entry. Do read others okay =) love you.


cik najihah said...

hai dear.
done following u..hihi

zea ell ridzuan said...

tq fara =)


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