Thursday, August 18, 2011

we're all different for a reason. kaw aku sama ke?


today is my last day of working but i cant go because i have really bad fever and also i loss my voice. its kinda sad bcoz act today i want to but something for my friend. but sokay cause my mom said,
" xpayahlah nantikan boleh pegi sana jugak"

so i ended up online and do some blogwalking on bloggers and tumblrs. i really do love tumblr more =)
and because of blogger cannot reblog like what tumblr can do, so i just copy and paste this post from a girl, Criss. this post really made my day and really want to thank you Criss. so awesome and inspiring <3
Hi, I’m Criss! I’m 24, 5’3” tall, and currently weigh 133 pounds. I lost 64 pounds in the past 9 months, most of which was lost the first half of the year. But that’s not why I’m making this post.
Before I lost weight, I was obviously overweight. I loathed myself. I would wake up and then spend literally the entire day and night online, avoiding all social contact and hobbies. I didn’t know how much I weighed because I feared seeing the number. I avoided mirrors, never shopped for clothing, and hid my body in over-sized sweatshirts. I put aside dreams and goals, and wallowed in my self-pity. For years, as I continued to gain weight, I dreamed of being skinny, thinking everything would be right if I could just be skinny. If I could be skinny, I would be pretty. I would be happy. I would be free. Or so I thought.
After I finally started losing weight- healthily, I am quick to add- I started to come to a realization: I didn’t need to be skinny to be beautiful, happy, or successful. As I embarked on my quest for health, I became happier and happier not because I was losing weight, but because I was finally learning to love my body no matter what.
If I gained all of my weight back in a year, I will be okay. Why? Because it’s my body. It’s me. Sure, I’m covered in stretchmarks, and yeah, I don’t have supermodel proportions, but really, guys, who does? Quit comparing yourself to other people, and quit trying to meet some impossible standards of beauty. It won’t make you happy. The harder you try to meet those standards, the more upset with yourself you will be, because you’ll soon realize you won’t ever get there.
We’re all different for a reason. Who has the authority to decide what is perfect and what isn’t? If we’re all different, perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t love yourself despite your big nose, cellulite, or fat; love yourself because of those things, because they are what makes you you.

Thanks for reading this entry. Do read others okay =) love you.

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missnurasy said...

yeah... i pun nk trunkan berat badan even dah tau da berat 45 tggi lebih kurang 150.. then bile mls pk pasal trun berat ni.. nk diet la ape bgai. tbe2 die trun sendiri tnpe diet... hahaha


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